Notes on Milosz

“What surrounds us, here and now, is not guaranteed. It could just as well not exist–and so man constructs poetry out of the remnants found in ruins.” Fireflies in the raspberry bushes at dusklight, their arched canes make a tunnel of shadow, where the dog hides. white clover likes stars in the night grass. “Poetry is ‘Against Forgetting’ it is remembering and speaking truth, Poetry does not come from trembling, but from light, from the most painful ‘yes’ uttered to the world.” In the anatomy illustration the heart looks like it has teeth and the body is a blooming garden. A child wanders through the shell fields in Northern Iraq, mountains of stacked mortar shells. He calls for his mother, his voice echoing in the hollow tube. “Help me create ever-enduring love from my persistent dissonance with the world.” There are stones made in the organs of ruminates called bezoar and they are magic. I saw once a case of these, said to be what was left once the Buddha reached enlightenment, only a small smooth stone, formed in the organs of beasts.

“This world, incorrigibly plural.”

“An Artist is a person who fought against something or someone using pen as a weapon. Because standing up against evil is the privilege of every poet.”

“The basis of poetical energy is love for people and love of the world”

Write hope. Write light.

–Quotes from Milosz, a Biography by Andrej Franaszek, 2017